Internet usage trends in Luxembourg, updated every month

DIGinsights is a share data project powered by Knewledge, data-driven digital marketing agency. Its main purpose is to uncover Internet usage trends in Luxembourg.

Although Luxembourg is a small country, its use of the Internet has long been mysterious due to the unique nature of the country. This is why we have thought about and worked on the best solution to bring reliable data on this subject to the market.

DIGinsights retrieves raw web analytics data from various websites with Google Analytics Query Explorer.
The data is then processed with Google App Scripts.

Google Analytics Query Explorer is an interface that allows construct API queries which can be used to retrieve data from Google Analytics accounts.
The query tool allows us to specify data based on pre-defined metrics and dimensions.
For DIGinsights, custom filters and segments have been used to build powerful queries in order to retrieve data from users within Luxembourg (country) only.

Data collected is then processed with Google Apps Script.
Google Apps Script is an application development platform that facilitates the creation of business applications that integrate with G Suite.
Our code is written in modern JavaScript and has access to built-in libraries for Google Analytics application.
Our scripts run directly on Google's servers.

The data remain anonymous and are intended to be relevant to the Luxembourgish market. These are trends based on several million sessions and do not represent the totality of Luxembourg traffic. With the exception of CIM data, the sessions come from Luxembourg territory only.